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Why buy Altenzo?

Altenzo tyres, prides itself on its quality, comfort and competitive pricing. In order to provide the best to its customers Altenzo tyres enforces the highest of manufacturing standards to all its products to ensure the safety, driving comfort, handling, performance and environmentally friendliness. Made with a compound with added Silica, Altenzo uses technology from all the high end tyre manufacturers and provides the consumer with a product that is affordable and durable. Altenzo tyres have a worldwide dealer network in over 50 countries, allowing Altenzo to be easily accessible to consumers worldwide.

Altenzo Tyre Warranty

Al Aqsa Tyre's guarantee to you Altenzo tyres quality assurance works to provide a high quality product and service in accordance with the AL AQSA TYRES vision and corporate philosophy. That is why all Altenzo tyre products are warranted by Altenzo. All Altenzo tyres used in normal driving circumstance are covered by Altenzo against any design and workmanship defects. All Altenzo dealers and distributors work to ensure: The standards expected by the customer are met or exceeded. Work with the customer to ensure constant development and improvement. Ensure the customer receives value for money. Ensure to work to save our future environment. Understand customer needs and work to ensure the needs are met. Please contact your place of purchase for more details regarding this coverage.

Custom Design Wheels

Al Aqsa Tyres & Wheels designs and engineers a range of aftermarket wheels. We’re obsessed with quality and passionate about designing high performance custom wheels for your vehicle. Al Aqsa Tyres & Wheel has been in business for over 19 years now and our customers have come to expect the very best from us. We look beyond the current trends and to the future in designing and distributing wheels that set future trends.

Our Guarantee on Replica & After Market Wheels

Our Guarantee on After Market Wheels: The wheels are a direct fitment. Guaranteed to spin true and not cause any steering wheel wobble or vibration at any speeds. We offer a 100% money back guarantee. Wheelbase have built the most accurate fitment database in the wheel and tyre industry. We guarantee that the correct specification will be supplied for your car with many checks being carried out to ensure an issue free buying experience. If you have any questions at all, you can call our expert team as well.

Why Malone Desert Tyres (Sand Tyre)

MALONE DESERT TYRES (SAND TYRES). High quality GSO certified desert tyre made in Indonesia. Suitable for off-the-road vehicles operating on sand ground and loose road surface. The combination of wide tread, round shoulder and streamlined pattern design provides stable ride. Good floating force, excellent steering ability on sand ground road surface, with uniform tread wear. A kind of tyre most suitable for use in desert and on loose road.

Malone Tyre Warranty

Al Aqsa Tyre's guarantee to you Malone Tyres quality assurance works to provide a high quality product and service in accordance with the AL AQSA TYRES vision and corporate philosophy. Malone Tyre is warranted to be free from defects in material quality or workmanship in its first tread life & warranty period. If our examination shows that such product has failed under the terms of this warranty, we shall replace the product on pro-rata wear basis. The amount to be compensated for the tyre will be calculated from the percentage of tread wear. In other words, the so called “remaining tread depth measurement system” will be applied. The warranty is valid exclusively for the first owner actually using the covered for a period of six months.

Replica Wheels

With over 19 years of factory and replica wheel experience, Al Aqsa Tyres & Wheels, LLC carries factory style wheels for any vehicle. We believe wheels make the single most dramatic change to your vehicle. We sell wheels to fit any need, from replacing a single damaged wheel, to a full set in order to give your vehicle a hot new look. We also offer wholesale accounts for dealers and body shops. We sell a wide variety of new factory original OEM and replica wheels. We stock thousands of different styles. Accessories include lug nuts, tires, caps and more.

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