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Difference between alloy and steel rims: which to choose?

Those of you who follow the Blog and News section of the “” website, The wheel and tyre supplier  company in Dubai and Shariah UAE, will have noticed our 4 tires + wheels promotion.

But who is going to choose the new wheels for his car is in front of a crossroads: alloy or steel rims?

What are the differences between the two options?

A question on which many question themselves on the discussion forums dedicated to the four wheels, a question to which we will give an answer in this study.

What are the differences between alloy or steel wheels?

The circles the league

These are rims made of a metal alloy of aluminium or magnesium. The aluminium alloy is a material very appreciated for its lightness and strength. Unlike those in iron, alloy rims are distinguished by more harmonious lines and less heavy structure. A very ductile material that allows to create even very elaborate designs. And it is the aesthetic factor that is one of the most sought after peculiarities by those who want to mount this type of rim on their car, even if the advantages of the metal alloy do not end there. The alloy is less deformable and being lighter it is excellent for making car rims that want high performance, such as racing cars.

On the other hand, the higher price and the ease of damage. The alloy wheels, when subjected to rubbing, which can happen especially during manoeuvring, the aesthetic quality is compromised and in the worst cases the tire pressure seal. When they are subjected to violent blows, due to deep holes on the road, decelerators taken at speed or in the event of road accidents, they can be deformed, become noisy, cause leaks of compressed air and can sometimes even be broken: often these damages cannot be repaired, and the complete circle must be replaced.

The steel wheels

The steel wheels, also commonly known as iron wheels, are much cheaper, but you will have to forgo the aesthetic pleasure. In fact, steel rims have standard shapes and to make them more aesthetically pleasing, it is necessary to equip them with a plastic wheel cover. The steel wheels, in case of impact, can deform, but they can hardly break. The greater elasticity, combined with a greater weight, makes them suitable to be mounted on vehicles where stability is everything, such as an off-road car.

If you are looking for a nicer steel rim to look at, you should know that Opel has thought of you.

In fact, there are steel wheels that Opel calls “design”. They are 5-spoke wheels reminiscent of alloy wheels, without sacrificing the classic qualities of classic steel wheels.

To return to the question: which alloys to choose from?

Everything depends on the performance of your vehicle, on the aesthetics you want to give it and obviously on how much you’re willing to spend.

But be careful, if you choose to mount alloy wheels, make sure it is of good quality, because the wheels, as well as shock absorbers and brakes, are essential for traveling safely and life is priceless.

The alloy wheels offered by Al Aqsa Tyres in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, UAE are of excellent quality and, like all original spare parts, guaranteed for 2 years throughout UAE.


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