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“”, gives you some simple tips on how to buy alloy wheels online for your car.

There are many models available online, but how can you buy alloy wheels online without fail?

It is possible to do it in complete safety, also using the vehicle registration document.

Here are some simple rules to follow (also for the purchase of iron hoops).

1 – Search by entering the model of your car correctly; if in doubt, consult the registration document and check the “type” indicated in the upper right corner of the booklet.

2 – Check the dimensions of tires that can be fitted on the car’s booklet. This is in case you want to buy a new complete kit, so both the wheels and the tires. Just choose the tire size and then view the corresponding circles. Eg if the chosen size is 205/55 R16 it will be enough to look for circles with a diameter of 16 inches. We remind you that it is possible to equip only the diameters expressly indicated on the registration certificate. If for example the diameter 18 is not shown means that it cannot be equipped on that car.

3 – If you only want to change the rims only, check the tire sizes already fitted to your car; this is to avoid, for example, buying wheels with a diameter of 16 when the tires owned have a diameter of 15.

On our “” portal, buying alloy wheels online is really simple. By entering the car’s make and model only compatible models will be displayed. In addition to the model, the type is also highlighted.

Many models of many brands and diameters will be offered. It is also indicated if the product is ready for delivery “24 / 48h”.

Unless otherwise stated, in addition to alloy wheels, accessories are supplied for mounting (bolts and centering rings). TMPS pressure sensors are also available.

How to order tires without making mistakes? Click here.

The technical staff of “” is always available by phone or e-mail to clarify any doubts, or to help customers in the optimal choice of alloy wheels for their cars.

Buying alloy wheels online on “” is fun!


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