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Supplier of quality tires and alloy wheels to United Arab Emirates (UAE), Middle East, Russian Federation and Africa.

Al Aqsa Tyres Trading L.L.C in UAE has been supplying quality tires, tubes and alloy wheels (rims) to different countries around the world for the past nineteen years. The company has earned an enviable reputation, both in local and international markets, as a trusted supplier for the supply of quality tires, tubes and alloy wheels.

Founded in Sharjah – United Arab Emirates in 2002, Al Aqsa Tyres Dubai has offices throughout Dubai, Sharjah all over the UAE and Oman, which distribute alloy wheels, tires and tubes.

Al Aqsa Tyres Dubai has two shopping centers in Sharjah one in Dubai and one in Sultanate of Oman, from where they distribute tires, tubes and alloy wheels to countries in the Middle East, GCC, Africa, as well as Central Asian Countries. The wide variety of tires, inner tubes and alloy wheels offered by Al Aqsa Tyres UAE is directly imported from the most important manufacturers in Australia, China, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, Thailand and Europe. Because we deal directly with manufacturers, we can offer our customers quality products at competitive prices. Our customers also benefit from our full range of products, allowing them to choose what best meets their requirements.

Because we have the largest warehouses in the UAE and Oman for tires, inner tubes and alloy wheels, we are able to respond to and deliver the largest orders in the shortest possible time.

Al Aqsa Tyres Dubai has already established a significant and marked presence in Middle-East, where it distributes tires, tubes, and alloy wheels (rims) to such countries; United Arab Emirates, Sultanate of Oman, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Uzbekistan, Russian Federation, Uganda, Nigeria, Zaire, Ghana, Libya, Zimbabwe, Sudan and Algeria, to name a few -the. The customers are drawn to the competitive prices of Al Aqsa Tyres’ product line and the good reputation the company has built over the years as a reliable and efficient distributor of quality products.

The ease and speed with which they are able to meet all the requirements of their customers, and this, at a very competitive price, has been for Al Aqsa Tyres Trading L.L.C., The major force which has enabled the company to constantly develop a clientele that remains loyal to him in Middle-Eastern, African and Central Asian Countries. “Customers differ, as does the quality and specifications of their needs, and Al Aqsa Tyres UAE, with the large inventories of tires, tubes and alloy wheels in the Middle East, allows customers to find everything they demand and search in one place, thereby saving time and money.

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