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Tire purchases on the internet: tips to avoid unpleasant surprises

The trend in online tire purchases is expanding more and more. This is confirmed by the data, given that in the first few months of last year, there was a real ‘boom’ in the sale of tires on the internet. In addition to growing numbers about the sale of tires on different e-commerce sites, web retailers continue to grow day by day, so as to allow the user to make his choice in an increasingly different and varied offer. There is a + 30% increase in tire purchases on the internet, while the numbers of those who buy on traditional channels remain stationary. The feeling is that this percentage seems destined to grow more over the years, with users who prefer to choose their own tires directly on different e-commerce, rather than the classic trusted retailer.

To help this situation, in addition to the savings that you get in buying on different e-commerce, compared to traditional physical channels, there is also the possibility of obtaining good and certified products to be installed under your car. Really good to buy online, but often not everyone has the necessary knowledge, or can boast the help of someone to make sure that the transaction you are about to make is safe. In fact, there have been some cases in which the operation concluded turned out to be risky, thus losing a good sum of money for the purchase of tires for your car or motorcycle.

The large number of ‘online’ retailers, therefore, increases the choice, but also the risk of buying the wrong product. So spending online tires can become really difficult and risky. Knowing the labels about tire consumption may not be enough. To avoid unpleasant surprises, here you have to rely on sites that present more information about how to buy, but above all those regarding tires. There are so many users who in recent years have been buying tires online on “”, a portal specializing in selling tires online, where you can find the right tire suitable for your car or motorcycle: from SUVs and crossovers, to compact cars and sedans, up to the city cars, but also scooters for scooters, two sports wheels and enduro.

To help the user in choosing the best tire there are on the site, in addition to the characteristics of the tires – codes on the tire, speed and load indexes – also the many reviews and reviews of those who made the transaction previously about that particular product. Really useful information to avoid, as mentioned, the purchase being wrong. On this site you can make the right tire change, thanks to the large and large catalog that offers more than 25,000 tire models of over 150 brands. Among these are summer tires, thermal and winter tires, useful for periods of great cold and snow, all-season tires to avoid replacing the tires between summer and winter, up to those touring or sports for your supercar. Each category has a different characteristic but also a different price. In fact we move from high-end products, considered premium, to ultra-cheap but still performing ones.

The advantages, however, do not end there. In fact on the “” website, in addition to online tires with better prices, it also guarantees different payment methods: once you have chosen the right tire for your needs, you can pay by credit card, prepaid card, bank transfer and even Paypal by purchasing in all safety. The shipment of the tires – 5/10 working days – can be done either at your own address, or alternatively it can also be done in one of the 2000 assembly centers in Italy, where the tires will be replaced with the products that will be delivered by reliable couriers. Two-year warranty, shipping included in the price. Buying tires online is therefore possible, also thanks to the presence of a portal like “”, where the support is not lacking: available to the customer there is a customer service always available and that will help the user in every situation, thus avoiding any risk during the purchase.


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