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Where and how to find cheap tires in UAE?

The maintenance of a car can very quickly prove to be expensive. How to save some money by finding cheap tires? We tell you everything!

Car maintenance can quickly be expensive, but there are ways to save on the bill. You need to change your tires but do not want to waste too much? With the internet it is now possible to buy cheap tires online, which can be delivered to you at home.

We have listed some tips for finding the cheapest tires, as well as a selection of sites specialized in the sale of cheap tires at which we have added price comparison to refine your search and confirm your choice.

How to find cheap tires?

Finding cheap tires is not rocket science, but it is important to know what we are talking about and what we are looking for precisely. Indeed, two essential information will be requested on specialized sites:

  • The dimensions
  • Load and speed indices

This information is present on the sides of your current tires. Take the example of measure 205/60 R 15 where we discover that:

  • The tire is 205 mm wide
  • The height of its sides is 60% of its width
  • The tire structure is Radial
  • The rim is 15 inches

With regard to the load index (the maximum weight supported by each tire), it is designated by a figure ranging from 68 (315 Kgs) to 100 (800 Kgs) and will be followed by a letter designating the maximum speed index which will be either Q (160 Km / h) or Y (300 Km / h).

Which brand to choose?

Once you have identified and understood your needs, you will just have to browse the web to find cheap tires. Regardless of the site, you will need to make a choice at the brand level and, in this context, we can identify three trends:

  • The tires of manufacturers: you know the names of these brands (Michelin, Continental, Pirelli, etc.) and their quality is no longer debatable.
  • Secondary brand tires: cheaper than the first ones, these brands are called Uniroyal, Altenzo, etc. and offer you a good value for money.
  • The entry-level tires: essentially Asian, these cheap tires play on longevity at the expense of safety (especially on wet ground) but not for the premium brands such as Altenzo Tyres in which were engineered and supervised by the Austrian company in term of quality and standards.

In this context, the choice of the brand will depend on the measurement of the tire and, second, your type of driving. For some time, the tires have labels of the same type that we are used to seeing on appliances. Take the time to consult and compare them…

Which site to choose to find the cheapest tires?

There are specialized sites that will allow you to compare prices and find cheap tires like However, do not expect significant price differences between these different players. You should also pay attention to the location of the partner who will fit the tires for you.

Indeed, buying cheap tires is good, but still it is necessary to mount them. So, take the time to see where this garage is. If it is near you, buying online may be advantageous, but if not, it may be more advisable to abstain and negotiate with his traditional car mechanic. After all, it’s not just on the internet where cheap tires are found…

Here is a site where you can find tires at a good price

“” has been selling tires for more than 20 years. It offers guaranteed low price tires with a free delivery. Mounting can be done in its Sharjah – UAE location. In addition to online sales, Al Aqsa Tyres Trading also offers services such as tire fitting and balancing as well as tire care tips. It also offers the possibility of making home deliveries.

Attention: look carefully for the location that Tyre Company will install the tires for you, because buying them on the internet can actually come back cheaper, but it is still necessary that the car mechanic who will mount them is near you. Otherwise, it’s better to negotiate with your traditional car mechanic.

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